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About the Horses

The forces of nature - vine or beast are equally as challenging!

The combination of wine and thoroughbreds together is an interesting concept. there is something about the feel of being surrounded harmoniously by nature, be it Kangaroos at dusk, quietly nibbling the fresh green between the vines or the steam from the horses during their early morning workout. 

​Watching the growth of seasons while taking in the colours of sunset. There is nothing quite like it. I guess I am fortunate to be able to combine my two loves, horses and wine and have them co-exist happily not only on one place, but within time dedication ability.

The horse pictured here is Rhyno Chaser, the Catcher in the Rye gelding was trained by kevin Moses and owned by myself, winemaker David Fromberg and my father Doctor George Fromberg.


Rhyno Chaser 4.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 6.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 9.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 8.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 7.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 5.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 2.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 3.jpg
Rhyno Chaser 1.jpg
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