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...This rose will handle some maturation with oak to add subtle palate complexity. Hence, to achieve this the rose had to be fermented "bone" dry preventing spoilage down the track. After 9 months in oak it was bottled with no additions of grape concentrate (natural grape sugars) to make it sweet in flavour which also affects the aging process of wines as grape concentrate remains an precocious but constant flavour while age worthy wines evolve and develop. Once again the Running Horse wine range has a big palate, and may be mistaken as a sweet wine. But as stated, all the natural grape sugars are fermented dry and full of sweet berry flavours that, for me, are like cranberries. With the added oak integration it adds a subtle creaminess from old chardonnay barrels.Note: (Grape sugar + yeast ferments to alcohol, where as in sweet wines, the ferment is stopped before completion OR grape concentrate is added just before bottling. This is done to make drink early wines)

ROSE......A SHIRAZ GRAPE - made similar in style to a white wine

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